At FBC Swainsboro we understand that our experience of worshiping God may lead us into quiet reverence and contemplation as well as into expressive celebration.

The music in our worship services is a dynamic blend of the wealth of the church’s tradition and the fresh new songs of today’s writers. You’re likely to hear our gifted Sanctuary Choir sing classical or traditional anthems, gospel or hymn arrangements, or contemporary praise songs. The congregation may be singing to the accompaniment of piano, organ, or our up-and-coming student guitarists.

Near the conclusion of the worship service, an opportunity is offered for anyone to profess faith in Jesus Christ as his or her Savior, to express their desire to formally join our congregation, or to seek counsel about those decisions.

Many of our members linger for a few minutes after the service to visit with each other and to meet guests. We invite you to linger also, if you wish, so we can have a chance to get to know you and to help you feel at home among us. Our Sunday Morning worship begins at 11am each Sunday and Sunday Night Bible Study at 6pm.